context.lus /size: 677 b    last modification: 2021-10-28 13:50
1if not modules then modules = { } end modules ['context'] = {
2    version   = 1.001,
3    comment   = "companion to context.mkiv",
4    author    = "Hans Hagen, PRAGMA-ADE, Hasselt NL",
5    copyright = "PRAGMA ADE / ConTeXt Development Team",
6    license   = "see context related readme files"
9--[[<p>This table specifies what stub files are needed in order to create
10the format. These files are loaded before the format is made so that we
11bypass kpse. When the format itself is used, another stub is used (with
12suffix lui). The current format builder is to a large part determined by
13the way luatex evolved and the process will probaby change.</p>]]--
15return "luat-cod.lua"