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%D \module
%D   [       file=colo-rgb,
%D        version=1995.01.01,
%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Color Macros,
%D       subtitle=RGB,
%D         author=Hans Hagen,
%D           date=\currentdate,
%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

%D Just to give users a start we define some colors. While
%D switching fonts is as international as can be, thanks to the
%D mnemonics, naming colors is very interface dependant. To
%D support international setups, we define both english and
%D interface dependant colors. We use the color inheritance
%D mechanisms to implement the interface dependant ones.

%D For historic reasons all colors are defined in \RGB\ color
%D space and there is no reason to change this.

\definecolor [red]           [r=1,   g=0,   b=0]
\definecolor [green]         [r=0,   g=1,   b=0]
\definecolor [blue]          [r=0,   g=0,   b=1]

\definecolor [cyan]          [r=0,   g=1,   b=1]
\definecolor [magenta]       [r=1,   g=0,   b=1]
\definecolor [yellow]        [r=1,   g=1,   b=0]

\definecolor [white]         [s=1] % [r=1,   g=1,   b=1]
\definecolor [black]         [s=0]
\definecolor [gray]          [s=.9]

% adapted per 2011.10.28

\definecolor [lightred]      [r=1,   g=0,   b=0]
\definecolor [lightgreen]    [r=0,   g=1,   b=0]
\definecolor [lightblue]     [r=0,   g=0,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightcyan]     [r=0,   g=1,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightmagenta]  [r=1,   g=0,   b=1]
\definecolor [lightyellow]   [r=1,   g=1,   b=0]

\definecolor [middlered]     [r=.8,  g=0,   b=0]
\definecolor [middlegreen]   [r=0,   g=.8,  b=0]
\definecolor [middleblue]    [r=0,   g=0,   b=.8]
\definecolor [middlecyan]    [r=0,   g=.6,  b=.6]
\definecolor [middlemagenta] [r=.6,  g=0,   b=.6]
\definecolor [middleyellow]  [r=.6,  g=.6,  b=.0]

\definecolor [darkred]       [r=.6,  g=0,   b=0]
\definecolor [darkgreen]     [r=0,   g=.6,  b=0]
\definecolor [darkblue]      [r=0,   g=0,   b=.6]
\definecolor [darkcyan]      [r=0,   g=.4,  b=.4]
\definecolor [darkmagenta]   [r=.4,  g=0,   b=.4]
\definecolor [darkyellow]    [r=.4,  g=.4,  b=0]

\definecolor [darkgray]      [s=.40]
\definecolor [middlegray]    [s=.625]
\definecolor [lightgray]     [s=.85]
\definecolor [palegray]      [s=.75]

% new per 2017-10-15 (for mp named colors)

\definecolor [gray-1]        [s=.1]
\definecolor [gray-2]        [s=.2]
\definecolor [gray-3]        [s=.3]
\definecolor [gray-4]        [s=.4]
\definecolor [gray-5]        [s=.5]
\definecolor [gray-6]        [s=.6]
\definecolor [gray-7]        [s=.7]
\definecolor [gray-8]        [s=.8]
\definecolor [gray-9]        [s=.9]

%D These colors are mapped to interface dependant colornames.

\startinterface dutch

  \definecolor [rood]          [red]
  \definecolor [groen]         [green]
  \definecolor [blauw]         [blue]

  \definecolor [cyaan]         [cyan]
  \definecolor [magenta]       [magenta]
  \definecolor [geel]          [yellow]

  \definecolor [wit]           [white]
  \definecolor [grijs]         [gray]
  \definecolor [zwart]         [black]

  \definecolor [donkerrood]    [darkred]
  \definecolor [middelrood]    [middlered]
  \definecolor [lichtrood]     [lightred]

  \definecolor [donkergroen]   [darkgreen]
  \definecolor [middelgroen]   [middlegreen]
  \definecolor [lichtgroen]    [lightgreen]

  \definecolor [donkerblauw]   [darkblue]
  \definecolor [middelblauw]   [middleblue]
  \definecolor [lichtblauw]    [lightblue]

  \definecolor [donkercyaan]   [darkcyan]
  \definecolor [middelcyaan]   [middlecyan]
  \definecolor [lichtcyaan]    [lightcyan]

  \definecolor [donkermagenta] [darkmagenta]
  \definecolor [middelmagenta] [middlemagenta]
  \definecolor [lichtmagenta]  [lightmagenta]

  \definecolor [donkergeel]    [darkyellow]
  \definecolor [middelgeel]    [middleyellow]
  \definecolor [lichtgeel]     [lightyellow]

  \definecolor [donkergrijs]   [darkgray]
  \definecolor [middengrijs]   [middlegray]
  \definecolor [lichtgrijs]    [lightgray]


\startinterface german

  \definecolor [rot]           [red]
  \definecolor [gruen]         [green]
  \definecolor [blau]          [blue]

  %definecolor [cyan]          [cyan]
  %definecolor [magenta]       [magenta]
  \definecolor [gelb]          [yellow]

  \definecolor [weiss]         [white]
  \definecolor [grau]          [gray]
  \definecolor [schwarz]       [black]

  \definecolor [dunkelrot]     [darkred]
  \definecolor [mittelrot]     [middlered]
  \definecolor [hellrot]       [lightred]

  \definecolor [dunkelgruen]   [darkgreen]
  \definecolor [mittelgruen]   [middlegreen]
  \definecolor [hellgruen]     [lightgreen]

  \definecolor [dunkelblau]    [darkblue]
  \definecolor [mittelblau]    [middleblue]
  \definecolor [hellblau]      [lightblue]

  \definecolor [dunkelcyan]    [darkcyan]
  \definecolor [mittelcyan]    [middlecyan]
  \definecolor [hellcyan]      [lightcyan]

  \definecolor [dunkelmagenta] [darkmagenta]
  \definecolor [mittelmagenta] [middlemagenta]
  \definecolor [hellmagenta]   [lightmagenta]

  \definecolor [dunkelgelb]    [darkyellow]
  \definecolor [mittelgelb]    [middleyellow]
  \definecolor [hellgelb]      [lightyellow]

  \definecolor [dunkelgrau]    [darkgray]
  \definecolor [mittelgrau]    [middlegray]
  \definecolor [hellgrau]      [lightgray]


\startinterface czech

  \definecolor [cervena]        [red]
  \definecolor [zelena]         [green]
  \definecolor [modra]          [blue]

  \definecolor [azurova]        [cyan]
  \definecolor [fialova]        [magenta]
  \definecolor [zluta]          [yellow]

  \definecolor [bila]           [white]
  \definecolor [cerna]          [black]

  \definecolor [tmavecervena]   [darkred]
  \definecolor [strednecervena] [middlered]
  \definecolor [svetlecervena]  [lightred]

  \definecolor [tmavezelena]    [darkgreen]
  \definecolor [strednezelena]  [middlegreen]
  \definecolor [svetlezelena]   [lightgreen]

  \definecolor [tmavemodra]     [darkblue]
  \definecolor [strednemodra]   [middleblue]
  \definecolor [svetlemodra]    [lightblue]

  \definecolor [tmaveazurova]   [darkcyan]
  \definecolor [stredneazurova] [middlecyan]
  \definecolor [svelteazurova]  [lightcyan]

  \definecolor [tmavefialova]   [darkmagenta]
  \definecolor [strednefialova] [middlemagenta]
  \definecolor [sveltefialova]  [lightmagenta]

  \definecolor [tmavezluta]     [darkyellow]
  \definecolor [strednezluta]   [middleyellow]
  \definecolor [sveltezluta]    [lightyellow]

  \definecolor [tmaveseda]      [darkgray]
  \definecolor [stredneseda]    [middlegray]
  \definecolor [svetleseda]     [lightgray]


\startinterface italian

  \definecolor [rosso]         [red]
  \definecolor [verde]         [green]
  \definecolor [blu]           [blue]

  \definecolor [azzurro]       [cyan]
  \definecolor [turchino]      [cyan]
  \definecolor [ciano]         [cyan]
  \definecolor [cremisi]       [magenta]
  \definecolor [giallo]        [yellow]

  \definecolor [bianco]        [white]
  \definecolor [grigio]        [gray]
  \definecolor [nero]          [black]

  \definecolor [rossoscuro]    [darkred]
  \definecolor [rossomedio]    [middlered]
  \definecolor [rossochiaro]   [lightred]

  \definecolor [verdescuro]    [darkgreen]
  \definecolor [verdemedio]    [middlegreen]
  \definecolor [verdechiaro]   [lightgreen]

  \definecolor [bluscuro]      [darkblue]
  \definecolor [blumedio]      [middleblue]
  \definecolor [bluchiaro]     [lightblue]

  \definecolor [azzurroscuro]  [darkcyan]
  \definecolor [azzurromedio]  [middlecyan]
  \definecolor [azzurrochiaro] [lightcyan]

  \definecolor [cremisiscuro]  [darkmagenta]
  \definecolor [cremisimedio]  [middlemagenta]
  \definecolor [cremisichiaro] [lightmagenta]

  \definecolor [gialloscuro]     [darkyellow]
  \definecolor [giallomedio]     [middleyellow]
  \definecolor [giallochiaro]    [lightyellow]

  \definecolor [grigioscuro]     [darkgray]
  \definecolor [grigiomedio]     [middlegray]
  \definecolor [grigiochiaro]    [lightgray]


\startinterface french

  \definecolor [rouge]         [red]
  \definecolor [vert]          [green]
  \definecolor [bleu]          [blue]

  %\definecolor [cyan]          [cyan]
  %\definecolor [magenta]       [magenta]
  \definecolor [jaune]         [yellow]

  \definecolor [blanche]       [white]
  \definecolor [gris]          [gray]
  \definecolor [noir]          [black]

  \definecolor [rougefoncé]    [darkred]
  \definecolor [rougemoyen]    [middlered]
  \definecolor [rougeclair]    [lightred]

  \definecolor [vertfoncé]     [darkgreen]
  \definecolor [vertmoyen]     [middlegreen]
  \definecolor [vertclair]     [lightgreen]

  \definecolor [bleufoncé]     [darkblue]
  \definecolor [bleumoyen]     [middleblue]
  \definecolor [bleuclair]     [lightblue]

  \definecolor [cyanfoncé]     [darkcyan]
  \definecolor [cyanmoyen]     [middlecyan]
  \definecolor [cyanclair]     [lightcyan]

  \definecolor [magentafoncé]  [darkmagenta]
  \definecolor [magentamoyen]  [middlemagenta]
  \definecolor [magentaclair]  [lightmagenta]

  \definecolor [jaunefoncé]    [darkyellow]
  \definecolor [jaunemoyen]    [middleyellow]
  \definecolor [jauneclair]    [lightyellow]

  \definecolor [grisfoncé]     [darkgray]
  \definecolor [grismoyen]     [middlegray]
  \definecolor [grisclair]     [lightgray]


\startinterface romanian

  \definecolor [rosu]            [red]
  \definecolor [verde]           [green]
  \definecolor [albastru]        [blue]

  \definecolor [cian]            [cyan]
  %\definecolor [magenta]         [magenta]
  \definecolor [galben]          [yellow]

  \definecolor [alb]             [white]
  \definecolor [gri]             [gray]
  \definecolor [negru]           [black]

  \definecolor [rosuinchis]      [darkred]
  \definecolor [rosumediu]       [middlered]
  \definecolor [rosudeschis]     [lightred]

  \definecolor [verdeinchis]     [darkgreen]
  \definecolor [verdemediu]      [middlegreen]
  \definecolor [verdedeschis]    [lightgreen]

  \definecolor [albastruinchis]  [darkblue]
  \definecolor [albastrumediu]   [middleblue]
  \definecolor [albastrudeschis] [lightblue]

  \definecolor [cianinchis]      [darkcyan]
  \definecolor [cianmediu]       [middlecyan]
  \definecolor [ciandeschis]     [lightcyan]

  \definecolor [magentainchis]   [darkmagenta]
  \definecolor [magentamediu]    [middlemagenta]
  \definecolor [magentadeschis]  [lightmagenta]

  \definecolor [galbeninchis]    [darkyellow]
  \definecolor [galbenmediu]     [middleyellow]
  \definecolor [galbendeschis]   [lightyellow]

  \definecolor [griinchis]       [darkgray]
  \definecolor [grimediu]        [middlegray]
  \definecolor [grideschis]      [lightgray]


%D Bonus (needed for FO test):

\definecolor [orange]       [r=1, g=.5]
\definecolor [lightorange]  [r=1, g=.5]
\definecolor [middleorange] [r=.6,g=.3]
\definecolor [darkorange]   [r=.4,g=.2]