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1%D \module
2%D   [       file=s-abbrevations-logos.tex, % was: s-abr-01
3%D        version=1996.01.01,
4%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Style File,
5%D       subtitle=General Abbreviated Logos,
6%D         author=Hans Hagen,
7%D           date=\currentdate,
8%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
10%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
11%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
12%C details.
14% avoid two character abbreviations
18\logo [MKI]           {MkI}   % joke
19\logo [MKII]          {MkII}
20\logo [MKIII]         {MkIII} % joke
21\logo [MKIV]          {MkIV}
22\logo [MKVI]          {MkVI}
23\logo [MKIX]          {MkIX}
24\logo [MKXI]          {MkXI}
25\logo [MKXL]          {MkXL}
26\logo [MKLX]          {MkLX}
27\logo [MPII]          {MpII}
28\logo [MPIV]          {MpIV}
29\logo [MPVI]          {MpVI}
30\logo [MPLX]          {MpLX}
31\logo [MPXL]          {MpXL}
32\logo [LMTX]          {LMTX}
34\logo [ACROBAT]       {Acro\-bat}
35\logo [AFM]           {afm}
36\logo [AI]            {ai}
37\logo [ALEPH]         {Aleph} % {\mathematics{\aleph}}
38\logo [ALGOL]         {ALGOL}
39\logo [AMS]           {ams}
40\logo [AMSLATEX]      {\AmSLaTeX}
41\logo [AMSTEX]        {\AmSTeX}
42\logo [ANSI]          {ansi}
43\logo [APA]           {apa}
44\logo [API]           {api}
45\logo [ARABTEX]       {Arab\TeXsuffix}
46\logo [ARM]           {arm}
47\logo [ASCII]         {ascii}
48\logo [ASCIIMATH]     {AsciiMath}
49\logo [ASCIITEX]      {ascii\TeXsuffix}
50\logo [BACHOTEX]      {Bacho\TeXsuffix}
51\logo [BASIC]         {Basic}
52\logo [BIBTEX]        {bib\TeXsuffix}
53\logo [BLUESKY]       {BlueSky}
54\logo [BMP]           {bmp}
55\logo [BSD]           {bsd}
56\logo [CALCMATH]      {CalcMath}
57\logo [CCODE]         {C}
58\logo [CD]            {cd}
59\logo [CDROM]         {cdrom}
60\logo [CID]           {cid}
61\logo [CJK]           {cjk}
62\logo [CLANG]         {clang}
63\logo [CLD]           {cld}
64\logo [CMAKE]         {cmake}
65\logo [CMR]           {cmr}
66\logo [CMYK]          {cmyk}
67\logo [CNC]           {cnc}
68\logo [CODHOST]       {CodHost}
69\logo [CONTEXT]       {\ConTeXt}
70\logo [CONTEXTGROUP]  {\ConTeXt\ Group}
71\logo [CONTEXTWIKI]   {\ConTeXt\ Wiki}
72\logo [CPLUSPLUS]     {C\high{++}}
73\logo [CPU]           {cpu}
74\logo [CSS]           {css}
75\logo [CSV]           {csv}
76\logo [CTAN]          {ctan}
77\logo [CTXTOOLS]      {ctxtools}
78\logo [CURL]          {Curl}
79\logo [CWEB]          {cweb}
80\logo [DAC]           {dac}
81\logo [DARWIN]        {Darwin}
82\logo [DECTEN]        {dec-10}
83\logo [DISTILLER]     {distiller}
84\logo [DNA]           {dna}
85\logo [DPI]           {dpi}
86%logo [DRATEX]        {Dra\TeXsuffix}
87\logo [DSC]           {dsc}
88\logo [DTD]           {dtd}
89\logo [DTK]           {dtk}
90\logo [DTP]           {dtp}
91\logo [DVD]           {dvd}
92\logo [DVI]           {dvi}
93\logo [DVIPDFM]       {dvipdfm}
94\logo [DVIPDFMX]      {dvipdfmx}
95\logo [DVIPOS]        {dvipos}
96\logo [DVIPS]         {dvips}
97\logo [DVIPSONE]      {dvipsone}
98\logo [DVISCR]        {dviscr}
99\logo [DVIWINDO]      {dviwindo}
100\logo [EBCDIC]        {ebcdic}
101\logo [EC]            {ec}
102\logo [ECMASCRIPT]    {ecmascript}
103\logo [EIFFEL]        {Eiffel}
104\logo [EMACS]         {emacs}
105\logo [EMTEX]         {em\TeXsuffix}
106\logo [ENCODING]      {enc}
107\logo [ENCTEX]        {enc\TeXsuffix}
108\logo [EPS]           {eps}
109\logo [EPUB]          {ePub}
110\logo [ETEX]          {\eTeX}
111\logo [EU]            {eu}
112\logo [EUROBACHOTEX]  {EuroBacho\TeXsuffix}
113\logo [EUROMATH]      {EuroMath}
114\logo [EUROTEX]       {Euro\TeXsuffix}
115\logo [EXAMPLE]       {eXaMpLe}
116\logo [EXAMPLED]      {exampled}
117\logo [EXAMPLEQ]      {exampleq}
118\logo [EXAMPLER]      {exampler}
119\logo [EXAMPLET]      {examplet}
120\logo [EXAMPLEX]      {examplex}
121\logo [EXIMPLE]       {eXiMpLe}
122\logo [FAQ]           {faq}
123\logo [FDF]           {fdf}
124\logo [FFI]           {ffi}
125%logo [FGA]           {fga}
126%logo [FGBBS]         {fgbbs}
127\logo [FLAC]          {flac}
128\logo [FONTFORGE]     {FontForge}
129\logo [FOXET]         {foXet}
130\logo [FPTEX]         {fp\TeXsuffix}
131\logo [FREEBSD]       {FreeBSD}
132\logo [FTP]           {ftp}
133\logo [GCC]           {gcc}
134\logo [GHOSTSCRIPT]   {Ghost\-script}
135\logo [GHOSTVIEW]     {Ghost\-view}
136\logo [GIF]           {gif}
137\logo [GNU]           {gnu}
138\logo [GNUPLOT]       {gnuplot}
139\logo [GRAPHICSMAGICK]{GraphicsMagick}
140\logo [GS]            {Ghost\-Script}
141\logo [GUST]          {Gust}
142\logo [GWTEX]         {gw\TeXsuffix}
143\logo [HSB]           {hsb} % ?
144\logo [HSV]           {hsv}
145\logo [HTML]          {html}
146\logo [HTTP]          {http}
147\logo [HTTPS]         {https}
148\logo [HZ]            {hz}
149\logo [IBM]           {ibm}
150\logo [IMAGEMAGICK]   {ImageMagick}
151\logo [INITEX]        {ini\TeXsuffix}
152\logo [INRSTEX]       {inrs\TeXsuffix}
153\logo [IO]            {io}
154\logo [INKSCAPE]      {Inkscape}
155\logo [IRCNET]        {IRCnet}
156\logo [ISO]           {iso}
157\logo [JAVA]          {Java}
158\logo [JAVASCRIPT]    {Java\-Script}
159\logo [JBIG]          {jbig}
160\logo [JIT]           {jit}
161\logo [JPEG]          {jpeg}
162\logo [JPG]           {jpg}
163\logo [JSON]          {json}
164\logo [KB]            {KB}
165\logo [KPATHSEA]      {kpathsea}
166\logo [KPSE]          {kpse}
167\logo [KPSEWHICH]     {kpsewhich}
168\logo [KVM]           {kvm}
169\logo [LAMSTEX]       {\LamSTeX}
170\logo [LATEX]         {\LaTeX}
171%logo [LATEXTE]       {\LaTeX2e}
172%logo [LATEXTN]       {\LaTeX2.09}
173\logo [LCD]           {lcd}
174\logo [LINUX]         {linux}
175\logo [LISP]          {Lisp}
176\logo [LMX]           {lmx}
177\logo [LPEG]          {lpeg}
178\logo [LUA]           {Lua}
179\logo [LUAJIT]        {Lua\wordboundary JIT}
180\logo [LUAJITTEX]     {Lua\wordboundary jit\TeXsuffix}
181\logo [LUAMETATEX]    {\Lua\wordboundary Meta\wordboundary\TeXsuffix}
182\logo [LUATEX]        {Lua\wordboundary\TeXsuffix}
183\logo [LUATOOLS]      {luatools}
184\logo [MACOSX]        {MacOSX}
185%logo [MACROTEX]      {Macro\TeXsuffix}
186\logo [MAKEMPY]       {MakeMPY}
187\logo [MAPPING]       {map}
188\logo [MAPS]          {Maps}
189\logo [MATHML]        {MathML}
190\logo [METAFONT]      {\MetaFont}
191\logo [LUAMETAFUN]    {\Lua\wordboundary\MetaFun}
192\logo [METAFUN]       {\MetaFun}
193\logo [METAPOST]      {\MetaPost}
194\logo [METATEX]       {Meta\TeXsuffix}
195\logo [METATYPE]      {MetaType1}
196\logo [MICROSOFT]     {Microsoft}
197\logo [MIKTEX]        {Mik\TeXsuffix}
198\logo [MINGW]         {MingW}
199\logo [MKTEXLSR]      {mktexlsr}
200\logo [MLBIBTEX]      {MLbib\TeXsuffix}
201\logo [MLTEX]         {ml\TeXsuffix}
202\logo [MODULA]        {Modula}
203\logo [MOV]           {mov}
204\logo [MPEG]          {mpeg}
205\logo [MPLIB]         {mplib}
206\logo [MPS]           {mps}
207\logo [MPTOPDF]       {mptopdf}
208\logo [MSDOS]         {msdos}
209\logo [MSEXCEL]       {MS~Excel}
210\logo [MSVC]          {MSVC}
211\logo [MSWINDOWS]     {MS~Windows}
212\logo [MSWORD]        {MS~Word}
213\logo [MTXRUN]        {mtxrun}
214\logo [MTXTOOLS]      {mtxtools}
215\logo [MYSQL]         {MySQL}
216\logo [NETPBM]        {NetPBM}
217\logo [NGINX]         {nginx}
218\logo [NTG]           {ntg}
219\logo [NTS]           {nts}
220\logo [OFM]           {ofm}
221\logo [OMEGA]         {Omega}
222\logo [OPENBSD]       {OpenBSD}
223\logo [OPENMATH]      {OpenMath}
224\logo [OPENTYPE]      {OpenType}
225\logo [OPENOFFICE]    {OpenOffice}
226\logo [OPI]           {opi}
227\logo [OSX]           {os-x}
228\logo [OTEX]          {Oriental \TeXsuffix}
229\logo [OTF]           {otf}
230\logo [OTP]           {otp}
231\logo [OVF]           {ovf}
232\logo [PASCAL]        {Pascal}
233\logo [PATGEN]        {Patgen}
234\logo [PCTEX]         {pc\TeXsuffix}
235\logo [PDF]           {pdf}
236\logo [PDFETEX]       {pdfe\TeXsuffix}
237\logo [PDFTEX]        {pdf\TeXsuffix}
238\logo [PDFTOOLS]      {pdftools}
239\logo [PDFTOPS]       {pdftops}
240\logo [PERL]          {Perl}
241\logo [PERLTK]        {Perl/Tk}
242\logo [PFA]           {pfa}
243\logo [PFB]           {pfb}
244\logo [PICTEX]        {\PiCTeX}
245\logo [PK]            {pk}
246\logo [PLAIN]         {Plain}
247\logo [PNG]           {png}
248\logo [POSIX]         {posix}
249\logo [POSTGRESS]     {Post\-gress}
250\logo [POSTSCRIPT]    {Post\-Script}
251\logo [PPCHTEX]       {\PPCHTeX}
252\logo [PRAGMA]        {Pragma ADE}
253\logo [PRESS]         {press}
254\logo [PRIFIL]        {prifil}
255\logo [PS]            {Post\-Script}
256\logo [PSCHECK]       {pscheck}
257\logo [PSTOEDIT]      {pstoedit}
258\logo [PSTOPAGE]      {pstopage}
259\logo [PSTOPDF]       {pstopdf}
260\logo [PSTRICKS]      {pstricks}
261\logo [PYTHON]        {Python}
262\logo [RAID]          {raid}
263\logo [RAM]           {ram}
264\logo [RCA]           {RCA}
265\logo [READER]        {Acro\-bat Reader}
266\logo [RELAXNG]       {Relax\kern.125emNG}
267\logo [RGB]           {rgb}
268\logo [RLXTOOLS]      {rlxtools}
269\logo [RSYNC]         {Rsync}
270\logo [RUBY]          {Ruby}
271\logo [SCITE]         {SciTE}
272\logo [SGML]          {sgml}
273\logo [SI]            {si}
274\logo [SQL]           {sql}
275\logo [SSD]           {ssd}
276\logo [STIX]          {Stix}
277\logo [SUMATRAPDF]    {SumatraPDF}
278\logo [SVG]           {svg}
279\logo [SVN]           {svn}
280\logo [SWIG]          {swig}
281\logo [SWIGLIB]       {SwigLib}
282\logo [SYNCTEX]       {Sync\TeX}
283\logo [SQLITE]        {SQLite}
284\logo [TABLE]         {\TaBlE}
285\logo [TCPIP]         {tcp/ip}
286\logo [TDS]           {tds}           % no sc te
287\logo [TEI]           {tei}           % no sc te
288\logo [TETEX]         {te\TeXsuffix}  % no sc te
289\logo [TEX]           {\TeX}
290\logo [TEXADRES]      {\TeXprefix adress}
291\logo [TEXBASE]       {\TeXprefix base}
292\logo [TEXEDIT]       {\TeXprefix edit}
293\logo [TEXEXEC]       {\TeXprefix exec}
294\logo [TEXFONT]       {\TeXprefix font}
295\logo [TEXFORM]       {\TeXprefix form}
296\logo [TEXGYRE]       {\TeX\ Gyre}
297\logo [TEXLIVE]       {\TeXprefix Live}
298\logo [TEXLUA]        {\TeXprefix Lua}
299\logo [TEXMF]         {texmf}
300\logo [TEXMFSTART]    {texmfstart}
301\logo [TEXNL]         {tex-nl}
302\logo [TEXSHOW]       {\TeXprefix show}
303\logo [TEXSPELL]      {\TeXprefix spell}
304\logo [TEXSYNC]       {texsync}
305\logo [TEXTMATE]      {TextMate}
306\logo [TEXTOOLS]      {\TeXprefix tools}
307\logo [TEXUTIL]       {\TeXprefix util}
308\logo [TEXWORK]       {\TeXprefix work}
309\logo [TEXWORKS]      {\TeXprefix works}
310\logo [TEXXET]        {\TeX\XeT}          \def\XeT{XeT}
311\logo [TFM]           {tfm}
312\logo [THREED]        {3D}
313\logo [TIF]           {tif}
314\logo [TIFF]          {tiff}
315\logo [TIFFINFO]      {tiffinfo}
316\logo [TIFFTAGS]      {tifftags}
317\logo [TMFTOOLS]      {tmftools}
318\logo [TPIC]          {tpic}
319\logo [TPM]           {tpm}
320\logo [TRUETYPE]      {TrueType}
321\logo [TTC]           {ttc}
322\logo [TTF]           {ttf}
323\logo [TUG]           {tug}
324\logo [TUGBOAT]       {Tug\-Boat}
325\logo [TUGNEWS]       {Tug\-News}
326\logo [TYPEONE]       {Type1}
327\logo [TYPETHREE]     {Type3}
328\logo [UCS]           {ucs}
329\logo [UNICODE]       {Uni\-code}
330\logo [UNIX]          {Unix}
331\logo [URI]           {uri}
332\logo [URL]           {url}
333\logo [USA]           {usa}
334\logo [USB]           {usb}
335\logo [USENET]        {usenet}
336\logo [UTF]           {utf}
337\logo [VAX]           {vax}
338\logo [VF]            {vf}
339\logo [VMWARE]        {VMWare}
340\logo [WDT]           {wdt}
341\logo [WEB]           {web}
342\logo [WEBC]          {web2c}
343\logo [WIKI]          {Wiki}
344\logo [WINDOWS]       {Windows}
345%logo [WINNT]         {WinNT}
346%logo [WINNX]         {Win9x}
347\logo [WTHREEC]       {W3C}
348\logo [WWW]           {www}
349\logo [WIKIPEDIA]     {Wikipedia} % WikipediA (looks too weird)
350\logo [WYSIWYG]       {wysiwyg}
351%logo [XDVI]          {Xdvi}
352\logo [XETEX]         {\XeTeX}
353\logo [XFDF]          {xfdf}
354\logo [XHTML]         {xhtml}
355\logo [XINDY]         {Xindy}
356\logo [XITS]          {Xits}
357\logo [XML]           {xml}
358\logo [XMLTOOLS]      {xmltools}
359\logo [XPATH]         {xpath}
360%logo [XPDFETEX]      {xpdfe\TeXsuffix}
361\logo [XSL]           {xsl}
362\logo [XSLFO]         {xsl-fo}
363\logo [XSLT]          {xslt}
364\logo [XSLTPROC]      {xsltproc}
365\logo [XYPIC]         {XYPIC} % wrong logo
366\logo [YandY]         {y\&y}
367\logo [YOUTUBE]       {YouTube}
368\logo [ZIP]           {zip}
369\logo [ZINT]          {zint}
371\logo [KB]            {KB}
372\logo [MB]            {MB}
373\logo [GB]            {GB}
374% \logo [TB]            {TB}