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2on off interpath upto \
3downto beginfig endfig beginglyph endglyph \
4beginfont endfont rotatedaround reflectedabout arrowhead \
5currentpen currentpicture cuttings defaultfont extra_beginfig \
6extra_endfig down evenly fullcircle halfcircle \
7identity in left pensquare penrazor \
8penspec origin quartercircle right unitsquare \
9up withdots abs bbox ceiling \
10center cutafter cutbefore dir directionpoint \
11div dotprod intersectionpoint inverse mod \
12round unitvector whatever cutdraw draw \
13drawarrow drawdblarrow fill filldraw drawdot \
14loggingall interact tracingall tracingnone pickup \
15undraw unfill unfilldraw buildcycle dashpattern \
16decr dotlabel dotlabels drawoptions incr \
17label labels max min thelabel \
18z beginchar blacker capsule_end change_width \
19define_blacker_pixels define_corrected_pixels define_good_x_pixels define_good_y_pixels define_horizontal_corrected_pixels \
20define_pixels define_whole_blacker_pixels define_whole_pixels define_whole_vertical_blacker_pixels define_whole_vertical_pixels \
21endchar extra_beginchar extra_endchar extra_setup font_coding_scheme \
22clearxy clearit clearpen shipit font_extra_space \
23exitunless relax hide gobble gobbled \
24stop blankpicture counterclockwise tensepath takepower \
25direction softjoin makelabel rotatedabout flex \
26superellipse image nullpen savepen clearpen \
27penpos penlabels range thru z \
28laboff bye red green blue \
29cyan magenta yellow black white \
30background mm pt dd bp \
31cm pc cc in dk \
32triplet quadruplet totransform bymatrix closedcurve \
33closedlines primitive permanent immutable mutable \
34frozen showproperty showhashentry 
37verbatimtex troffmode 
40mitered rounded beveled butt \
41squared eps epsilon infinity bboxmargin \
42ahlength ahangle labeloffset dotlabeldiam defaultpen \
43defaultscale join_radius charscale inicatcoderegime texcatcoderegime \
44luacatcoderegime notcatcoderegime vrbcatcoderegime prtcatcoderegime ctxcatcoderegime \
45txtcatcoderegime catcoderegime ditto EOF pen_lft \
46pen_rt pen_top pen_bot 
49autorounding beginchar blacker boundarychar \
50capsule_def capsule_end change_width chardp chardx \
51chardy charexists charext charht charic \
52charlist charwd cull cullit currenttransform \
53currentwindow define_blacker_pixels define_corrected_pixels define_good_x_pixels define_good_y_pixels \
54define_horizontal_corrected_pixels define_pixels define_whole_blacker_pixels define_whole_pixels define_whole_vertical_blacker_pixels \
55define_whole_vertical_pixels designsize display displaying endchar \
56extensible extra_beginchar extra_endchar extra_setup fillin \
57font_coding_scheme font_extra_space font_identifier font_normal_shrink font_normal_space \
58font_normal_stretch font_quad font_size font_slant font_x_height \
59fontdimen fontmaking gfcorners granularity grayfont \
60headerbyte hppp hround imagerules italcorr \
61kern labelfont ligtable lowres_fix makebox \
62makegrid maketicks mode_def mode_setup nodisplays \
63notransforms numspecial o_correction openit openwindow \
64pixels_per_inch proofing proofoffset proofrule proofrulethickness \
65rulepen screenchars screenrule screenstrokes screen_cols \
66screen_rows showit slantfont smode smoothing \
67titlefont totalweight tracingedges tracingpens turningcheck \
68unitpixel vppp vround xoffset yoffset 
71charcode day linecap linejoin \
72miterlimit stacking month pausing prologues \
73showstopping time tracingcapsules tracingchoices mpprocset \
74tracingcommands tracingequations tracinglostchars tracingmacros tracingonline \
75tracingoutput tracingrestores tracingspecs tracingstats tracingtitles \
76truecorners warningcheck year false nullpicture \
77pencircle penspec true and angle \
78arclength arctime ASCII boolean bot \
79char color cosd cycle decimal \
80directiontime floor fontsize hex infont \
81intersectiontimes known void length llcorner \
82lrcorner makepath makepen mexp mlog \
83normaldeviate not numeric oct odd \
84or path pair pen penoffset \
85picture point postcontrol precontrol reverse \
86rotated scaled shifted sind slanted \
87sqrt str string subpath substring \
88transform transformed ulcorner uniformdeviate unknown \
89urcorner xpart xscaled xxpart xypart \
90ypart yscaled yxpart yypart zscaled \
91addto clip input interim let \
92newinternal save setbounds setgroup shipout \
93show showdependencies showtoken showvariable special \
94begingroup endgroup of curl tension \
95and controls def vardef enddef \
96expr suffix text primary secondary \
97tertiary primarydef secondarydef tertiarydef randomseed \
98also contour doublepath withcolor withcmykcolor \
99withpen withstacking dashed envelope if \
100else elseif fi for endfor \
101forever exitif within forsuffixes step \
102until charlist extensible fontdimen headerbyte \
103kern ligtable boundarychar chardp charext \
104charht charic charwd designsize fontmaking \
105charexists cullit currenttransform gfcorners grayfont \
106hround imagerules lowres_fix nodisplays notransforms \
107openit displaying currentwindow screen_rows screen_cols \
108pixels_per_inch cull display openwindow numspecial \
109totalweight autorounding fillin proofing tracingpens \
110xoffset chardx granularity smoothing turningcheck \
111yoffset chardy hppp tracingedges vppp \
112extra_beginfig extra_endfig mpxbreak endinput message \
113delimiters turningnumber errmessage scantokens end \
114outer inner write to readfrom \
115closefrom withprescript withpostscript top bot \
116lft rt ulft urt llft \
117lrt redpart greenpart bluepart cyanpart \
118magentapart yellowpart blackpart prescriptpart postscriptpart \
119rgbcolor cmykcolor colormodel graypart greypart \
120greycolor graycolor dashpart penpart stackingpart \
121stroked filled textual clipped bounded \
122pathpart expandafter minute hour outputformat \
123outputtemplate filenametemplate fontmapfile fontmapline fontpart \
124fontsize glyph restoreclipcolor troffmode runscript \
125maketext numbersystem overloadmode setproperty 
128.. ... -- --- \
129& \ 
132btex etex verbatimtex