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%D \module
%D   [       file=symb-mvs,
%D        version=2000.03.30,
%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Symbol Libraries,
%D       subtitle=Martin Vogels Symbole,
%D         author=Tobias Burnus \& Hans Hagen,
%D           date=\currentdate,
%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

%D This module implements the Martin Vogel Symbole font
%D (marvosym). The names are derived from the \LATEX\ package
%D \type {marvosym} of Thomas Henlich. The symbols are
%D available as Type~1 font and are included in \TETEX\ and
%D \FPTEX\ distributions.
%D This symbol font offers the signs of the zodiac, four
%D alternative the euro signs, some general office signs and
%D some more.
%D The font was designed by Martin Vogel who can be reached at
%D \hyphenatedurl {}. More information
%D can be found at \hyphenatedurl
%D {}. The
%D conversion to Type~1 font was done by Thomas Henlich, who
%D can be reached at \hyphenatedurl
%D {}.
%D This module is based on the current \CTAN\ version (as of
%D March 30, 2000) and is older than the TrueType version at
%D Martin Vogel's Homepage. The definitions in this module
%D reflect the \CTAN\ version. The font conversion was done by
%D Thomas Henlich using \type {ttf2pt1}, a program that can be
%D found at \hyphenatedurl
%D {}.
%D Using the new version of \type {marvosymb}, the MVzero will
%D has a slash and the FHBOLOGO, (wo)manface, and (wo)manfront
%D are replaced by other symbols.

\loadmapfile[] % \loadmapfile[original-vogel-symbol]

\definefontsynonym [MartinVogel] [umvs]


% Astro signs and signs of the zodiac

\startsymbolset [astronomic]

  \definesymbol [Sun]     [\MartinVogelSymbol{192}]
  \definesymbol [Moon]    [\MartinVogelSymbol{193}]
  \definesymbol [Mercury] [\MartinVogelSymbol{194}]
  \definesymbol [Venus]   [\MartinVogelSymbol{195}]
  \definesymbol [Mars]    [\MartinVogelSymbol{196}]
  \definesymbol [Jupiter] [\MartinVogelSymbol{197}]
  \definesymbol [Saturn]  [\MartinVogelSymbol{198}]
  \definesymbol [Uranus]  [\MartinVogelSymbol{199}]
  \definesymbol [Neptune] [\MartinVogelSymbol{200}]
  \definesymbol [Pluto]   [\MartinVogelSymbol{201}]


\startsymbolset [zodiac]

  \definesymbol [Aries]       [\MartinVogelSymbol{224}]
  \definesymbol [Taurus]      [\MartinVogelSymbol{225}]
  \definesymbol [Gemini]      [\MartinVogelSymbol{226}]
  \definesymbol [Cancer]      [\MartinVogelSymbol{227}]
  \definesymbol [Leo]         [\MartinVogelSymbol{228}]
  \definesymbol [Virgo]       [\MartinVogelSymbol{229}]
  \definesymbol [Libra]       [\MartinVogelSymbol{230}]
  \definesymbol [Scorpio]     [\MartinVogelSymbol{231}]
  \definesymbol [Sagittarius] [\MartinVogelSymbol{232}]
  \definesymbol [Capricorn]   [\MartinVogelSymbol{233}]
  \definesymbol [Aquarius]    [\MartinVogelSymbol{234}]
  \definesymbol [Pisces]      [\MartinVogelSymbol{235}]


% Euro signs and CE

\startsymbolset [europe]

  \definesymbol [EUR]    [\MartinVogelSymbol{164}]
  \definesymbol [EURhv]  [\MartinVogelSymbol {99}]
  \definesymbol [EURcr]  [\MartinVogelSymbol{100}]
  \definesymbol [EURtm]  [\MartinVogelSymbol{101}]
  \definesymbol [CEsign] [\MartinVogelSymbol {67}]



  \definecharacter texteuro {\symbol[europe][EUR]}



% Numbers 0 to 9, @, A and p

% taco: are these more general, like also in zapf dingbats?

\startsymbolset [martinvogel 1]

  \definesymbol [MVZero]  [\MartinVogelSymbol {48}]
  \definesymbol [MVOne]   [\MartinVogelSymbol {49}]
  \definesymbol [MVTwo]   [\MartinVogelSymbol {50}]
  \definesymbol [MVThree] [\MartinVogelSymbol {51}]
  \definesymbol [MVFour]  [\MartinVogelSymbol {52}]
  \definesymbol [MVFive]  [\MartinVogelSymbol {53}]
  \definesymbol [MVSix]   [\MartinVogelSymbol {54}]
  \definesymbol [MVSeven] [\MartinVogelSymbol {55}]
  \definesymbol [MVEight] [\MartinVogelSymbol {56}]
  \definesymbol [MVNine]  [\MartinVogelSymbol {57}]
  \definesymbol [MVAt]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {64}]
  \definesymbol [MVA]     [\MartinVogelSymbol{240}]
  \definesymbol [MVp]     [\MartinVogelSymbol{241}]


% Office signs, crosses, circles, arrows

\startsymbolset [martinvogel 2]

  \definesymbol [CheckedBox]      [\MartinVogelSymbol {86}]
  \definesymbol [CrossedBox]      [\MartinVogelSymbol {88}]
  \definesymbol [PointingHand]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {90}]
  \definesymbol [WritingHand]     [\MartinVogelSymbol {98}]
  \definesymbol [Heart]           [\MartinVogelSymbol{140}]
  \definesymbol [FlatSteel]       [\MartinVogelSymbol{150}]
  \definesymbol [Squarepipe]      [\MartinVogelSymbol{151}]
  \definesymbol [Rectpipe]        [\MartinVogelSymbol{152}]
  \definesymbol [Lsteel]          [\MartinVogelSymbol{153}]
  \definesymbol [TTsteel]         [\MartinVogelSymbol{154}]
  \definesymbol [Circpipe]        [\MartinVogelSymbol{155}]
  \definesymbol [Tsteel]          [\MartinVogelSymbol{156}]

  \definesymbol [Stopsign]        [\MartinVogelSymbol {33}]
  \definesymbol [Beam]            [\MartinVogelSymbol {34}]
  \definesymbol [Bearing]         [\MartinVogelSymbol {35}]
  \definesymbol [Loosebearing]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {36}]
  \definesymbol [Fixedbearing]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {37}]
  \definesymbol [Lefttorque]      [\MartinVogelSymbol {38}]
  \definesymbol [Righttorque]     [\MartinVogelSymbol {39}]
  \definesymbol [Force]           [\MartinVogelSymbol {40}]
  \definesymbol [Lineload]        [\MartinVogelSymbol {41}]
  \definesymbol [Circles]         [\MartinVogelSymbol {46}]
  \definesymbol [Squaredot]       [\MartinVogelSymbol{247}]

  \definesymbol [Correspondes]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {61}]
  \definesymbol [Vectorarrowhigh] [\MartinVogelSymbol {80}]
  \definesymbol [Vectorarrow]     [\MartinVogelSymbol{112}]
  \definesymbol [Rightarrow]      [\MartinVogelSymbol {62}]
  \definesymbol [Lightning]       [\MartinVogelSymbol {69}]

  \definesymbol [Snowflake]       [\MartinVogelSymbol {42}]
  \definesymbol [Kross]           [\MartinVogelSymbol {43}]
  \definesymbol [Cross]           [\MartinVogelSymbol{134}]
  \definesymbol [Celtcross]       [\MartinVogelSymbol{135}]
  \definesymbol [Ankh]            [\MartinVogelSymbol{136}]
  \definesymbol [Yingyang]        [\MartinVogelSymbol {77}]

  \definesymbol [Pickup]          [\MartinVogelSymbol  {0}]  % ?
  \definesymbol [Letter]          [\MartinVogelSymbol {66}]  % ?
  \definesymbol [Mobilephone]     [\MartinVogelSymbol {72}]
  \definesymbol [Telephone]       [\MartinVogelSymbol {84}]
  \definesymbol [fax]             [\MartinVogelSymbol{116}]
  \definesymbol [FAX]             [\MartinVogelSymbol{117}]
  \definesymbol [Faxmachine]      [\MartinVogelSymbol{118}]

  \definesymbol [Clocklogo]       [\MartinVogelSymbol {85}]
  \definesymbol [Industry]        [\MartinVogelSymbol {73}]
  \definesymbol [Coffeecup]       [\MartinVogelSymbol {75}]
  \definesymbol [Info]            [\MartinVogelSymbol{105}]
  \definesymbol [Football]        [\MartinVogelSymbol{111}]
  \definesymbol [Frowny]          [\MartinVogelSymbol{167}]
  \definesymbol [Smiley]          [\MartinVogelSymbol{169}]
  \definesymbol [Bicycle]         [\MartinVogelSymbol{174}]

  \definesymbol [Rightscissors]   [\MartinVogelSymbol {81}]
  \definesymbol [Leftscissors]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {83}]
  \definesymbol [Cutright]        [\MartinVogelSymbol{113}]
  \definesymbol [Cutleft]         [\MartinVogelSymbol{115}]
  \definesymbol [Kutline]         [\MartinVogelSymbol {82}] % K ?
  \definesymbol [Cutline]         [\MartinVogelSymbol{114}]


% FHBO (Fachhochschule Bochum), face, humans, bat

\startsymbolset [martinvogel 3]

  \definesymbol [FHBOlogo]    [\MartinVogelSymbol {70}]
  \definesymbol [FHBOLOGO]    [\MartinVogelSymbol{102}]
  \definesymbol [Womanside]   [\MartinVogelSymbol{204}]
  \definesymbol [Manside]     [\MartinVogelSymbol{205}]
  \definesymbol [Womanfront]  [\MartinVogelSymbol{206}]
  \definesymbol [Manfront]    [\MartinVogelSymbol{207}]
  \definesymbol [Bat]         [\MartinVogelSymbol{253}]
  \definesymbol [Womanface]   [\MartinVogelSymbol{254}]
  \definesymbol [MartinVogel] [\MartinVogelSymbol{255}]


%D \showsymbolset[astronomic]
%D \showsymbolset[zodiac]
%D \showsymbolset[europe]
%D \showsymbolset[martinvogel 1]
%D \showsymbolset[martinvogel 2]
%D \showsymbolset[martinvogel 3]