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%D \module
%D   [       file=symb-eur,
%D        version=2000.06.22,
%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Symbol Libraries,
%D       subtitle=Adobe Euro Symbols,
%D         author=Hans Hagen,
%D           date=\currentdate,
%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

\loadmapfile []

\definefontsynonym [EuroSerif]            [eurose]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSerifBold]        [euroseb]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSerifItalic]      [eurosei]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSerifSlanted]     [eurosei]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSerifBoldItalic]  [eurosebi]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSerifBoldSlanted] [eurosebi]

\definefontsynonym [EuroSans]             [eurosa]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSansBold]         [eurosab]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSansItalic]       [eurosai]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSansSlanted]      [eurosai]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSansBoldItalic]   [eurosabi]
\definefontsynonym [EuroSansBoldSlanted]  [eurosabi]

\definefontsynonym [EuroMono]             [euromo]
\definefontsynonym [EuroMonoBold]         [euromob]
\definefontsynonym [EuroMonoSlanted]      [euromoi]
\definefontsynonym [EuroMonoItalic]       [euromoi]
\definefontsynonym [EuroMonoBoldItalic]   [euromobi]
\definefontsynonym [EuroMonoBoldSlanted]  [euromobi]

\definesymbol [euro] [\getglyph{Euro}{\char160}]

  \definecharacter texteuro {\symbol[euro]}


% ok for one font series, but not for mixed sets
% \unexpanded\def\euro
%   {\doiftextelse \texteuro \texteuro
%      {\unexpanded\def\euro{\symbol[euro]}\euro}

%D The next table shows the complete set of symbols:
%D \starttabulate[|l|c|c|c|c|c|c|]
%D \NC           \NC \tex{tf}    \NC \tex{bf}    \NC \tex{sl}
%D               \NC \tex{it}    \NC \tex{bs}    \NC \tex{bi}    \NC\NR
%D \NC \rm Serif \NC \rm\tf\euro \NC \rm\bf\euro \NC \rm\sl\euro
%D               \NC \rm\it\euro \NC \rm\bs\euro \NC \rm\bi\euro \NC\NR
%D \NC \ss Sans  \NC \ss\tf\euro \NC \ss\bf\euro \NC \ss\sl\euro
%D               \NC \ss\it\euro \NC \ss\bs\euro \NC \ss\bi\euro \NC\NR
%D \NC \tt Mono  \NC \tt\tf\euro \NC \tt\bf\euro \NC \tt\sl\euro
%D               \NC \tt\it\euro \NC \tt\bs\euro \NC \tt\bi\euro \NC\NR
%D \stoptabulate