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%D \module
%D   [       file=spec-tr,
%D        version=1996.01.25,
%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Special Macros,
%D       subtitle=Thomas Rokicki's \DVIPS,
%D         author=Hans Hagen,
%D           date=\currentdate,
%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

%D Especially the rotation proved to be incompatible with
%D the default \POSTSCRIPT\ special driver. Many thanks to
%D Gilbert van den Dobbelsteen for testing and hacking the
%D \DVIPS\ source and pinpointing the problem.

%D \macros
%D   {doinsertfile}
%D We overrule the figure||insertion special. Things should
%D be more accurate, but maybe someday \unknown


\def\@@insertpostscriptliteral {ps: }
\def\@@insertpostscriptretain  {" }

%D Ugly but useful:

   \PointsToWholeBigPoints\@@DriverImageWidth \width
      \ifdim\@@DriverImageWidth >\zeropoint rwi=\width 0\space\fi
      \ifdim\@@DriverImageHeight>\zeropoint rhi=\height0      \fi}%



%D Some MP stuff:

  {\doiffileelse{./#1}{\includeMPasEPS{./#1}}{\message{[MP #1]}}}

%D \macros
%D   {dostartrotation}
%D Because \DVIPS\ uses a reverse rotation scheme, we have
%D to add an extra \type{neg} to the default \POSTSCRIPT\
%D rotation definition:

\definespecial\dostartrotation#1% straight from the YandY manual / 1st neg added
        gsave currentpoint currentpoint translate
        \number#1\space\space neg rotate neg exch neg exch translate}}

        currentfont currentpoint grestore moveto setfont}}

%D Drawing ovals in \DVIPS\ is complicated by the fact that
%D the colors get reset. Therefore we need a more literal
%D approach and therefore scale to local units. By redefining
%D the retain constant into a macro, we can use the already
%D present \POSTSCRIPT\ definition (see \type{spec-ps}).

\definespecial\doovalbox#1#2#3#4#5#6#7#8% variant not yet supported
   \edef\@@insertpostscriptretain gsave%
          Resolution 72 div
          VResolution 72 div neg scale currentpoint translate}%

%D \macros
%D   {dosetuppaper}
%D Relatively new: