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%D \module
%D   [       file=lang-vn,
%D        version=2004.11.22, % 1999.12.12,
%D          title=\CONTEXT\ Language Macros,
%D       subtitle=Vietnamese,
%D         author={Han The Thanh \& Adam Lindsay \& Hans Hagen},
%D           date=\currentdate,
%D      copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

\writestatus{loading}{ConTeXt Language Macros / Vietnamese Language}

%D The framework of this module is set up by Hans Hagen while
%D many of the first translations were done by Tobias. Later
%D on, corrections were made by users. If you have suggestions,
%D or feel that your name missing here, don't hesitate to send
%D us an email.
%D \starttabulate[|lB|l|]
%D \NC Vietnamese \NC \THANH\ \NC \NR
%D \stoptabulate


   \c!date={{ },dd,{/},mm,{/},yy},

\installlanguage [vietnamese] [\s!vi]

\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!content=M\udotbelow c l\udotbelow c]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!tables=Danh s\aacute ch b\ahook ng]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!figures=Danh s\aacute ch h\igrave nh v\etilde]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!graphics=\Dstroke\ocircumflexgrave\ th\idotbelow]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!intermezzi=Intermezzos]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!index=Ch\ihook\ s\ocircumflexacute]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!abbreviations=Ch\uhorntilde\ vi\ecircumflexacute t t\abreveacute t]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!logos=Bi\ecircumflexhook u t\uhorn \ohorndotbelow ng]
\setupheadtext [\s!vi] [\v!units=\Dstroke\ohorn n v\idotbelow]

\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!table=B\ahook ng ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!figure=H\igrave nh ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!intermezzo=intermezzo]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!graphic=\Dstroke\ocircumflexgrave\ th\idotbelow]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!chapter=Ch\uhorn \ohorn ng ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!section=] % not set
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!subsection=] % not set
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!subsubsection=] % not set
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!subsubsubsection=] % not set
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!appendix=] % not set
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!part=Ph\acircumflexgrave n ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!line=d\ograve ng ]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!lines=d\ograve ng ]

\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!sunday=ch\uhook\ nh\acircumflexdotbelow t]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!monday=th\uhornacute\ hai]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!tuesday=th\uhornacute\ ba]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!wednesday=th\uhornacute\ t\uhorn]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!thursday=th\uhornacute\ n\abreve m]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!friday=th\uhornacute\ s\aacute u]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!saturday=th\uhornacute\ b\ahook y]

\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!january=th\aacute ng gi\ecircumflex ng]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!february=th\aacute ng hai]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!march=th\aacute ng ba]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!april=th\aacute ng t\uhorn]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!may=th\aacute ng n\abreve m]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!june=th\aacute ng s\aacute u]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!july=th\aacute ng b\ahook y]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!august=th\aacute ng t\aacute m]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!september=th\aacute ng ch\iacute n]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!october=th\aacute ng m\uhorn\ohorngrave i]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!november=th\aacute ng m\uhorn\ohorngrave i m\ocircumflexdotbelow t]
\setuplabeltext [\s!vi] [\v!december=th\aacute ng m\uhorn\ohorngrave i hai]

%D \ShowAllLanguageValues [\s!vi] [vietnamese] {Vietnamese} {water||puppets}

\protect \endinput