hand-def.mkii / last modification: 2020-01-30 14:15
%D \module
%D   [     file=hand-def, % was enco-pro
%D      version=2000.29.09,
%D        title=\CONTEXT\ Handling Macros,
%D     subtitle=Default Protruding Factors,
%D       author=Hans Hagen,
%D         date=\currentdate,
%D    copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

%D This is an experimental definition file. The protruding
%D values we use here are those found from \THANH's thesis.

\startfonthandling [pure]

  \defineprotrudefactor , 0 1
  \defineprotrudefactor . 0 1
  \defineprotrudefactor : 0 1
  \defineprotrudefactor ; 0 1
  \defineprotrudefactor - 0 1

  \defineprotrudefactor hyphen 0 1
  \defineprotrudefactor endash 0 .5
  \defineprotrudefactor emdash 0 .33 % .5


\startfonthandling [punctuation]

  \defineprotrudefactor !  0  .2
  \defineprotrudefactor '  0  .7
  \defineprotrudefactor ` .7   0
  \defineprotrudefactor ( .05  0
  \defineprotrudefactor )  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor [ .05  0
  \defineprotrudefactor ]  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor ,  0  .7
  \defineprotrudefactor -  0  .7
  \defineprotrudefactor .  0  .7
  \defineprotrudefactor :  0  .5
  \defineprotrudefactor ;  0  .5

  \defineprotrudefactor rightupperninequote  0 .5
  \defineprotrudefactor leftupperninequote  .5  0
  \defineprotrudefactor endash               0 .3
  \defineprotrudefactor emdash               0 .2

  \defineprotrudefactor hyphen               0 .7


\startfonthandling [alpha]

  \defineprotrudefactor A .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor F  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor J .05   0
  \defineprotrudefactor K  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor L  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor T .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor V .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor W .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor X .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor Y .05 .05

  \defineprotrudefactor k  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor r  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor t  0  .05
  \defineprotrudefactor v .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor w .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor x .05 .05
  \defineprotrudefactor y .05 .05


% ogoneks may need another treatment

\startfonthandling [extended]

  \inherithandling Acircumflex A
  \inherithandling acircumflex a
  \inherithandling Ccircumflex C
  \inherithandling ccircumflex c
  \inherithandling Ecircumflex E
  \inherithandling ecircumflex e
  \inherithandling Gcircumflex G
  \inherithandling gcircumflex g
  \inherithandling Hcircumflex H
  \inherithandling hcircumflex h
  \inherithandling Icircumflex I
  \inherithandling icircumflex i
  \inherithandling Jcircumflex J
  \inherithandling jcircumflex j
  \inherithandling Ocircumflex O
  \inherithandling ocircumflex o
  \inherithandling Scircumflex S
  \inherithandling scircumflex s
  \inherithandling Ucircumflex U
  \inherithandling ucircumflex u
  \inherithandling Wcircumflex W
  \inherithandling wcircumflex w
  \inherithandling Ycircumflex Y
  \inherithandling ycircumflex y

  \inherithandling Agrave A
  \inherithandling agrave a
  \inherithandling Egrave E
  \inherithandling egrave e
  \inherithandling Igrave I
  \inherithandling igrave i
  \inherithandling Ograve O
  \inherithandling ograve o
  \inherithandling Ugrave U
  \inherithandling ugrave u
  \inherithandling Ygrave Y
  \inherithandling ygrave y

  \inherithandling Atilde A
  \inherithandling atilde a
  \inherithandling Itilde I
  \inherithandling itilde i
  \inherithandling Ntilde N
  \inherithandling ntilde n
  \inherithandling Otilde O
  \inherithandling otilde o
  \inherithandling Utilde U
  \inherithandling utilde u

  \inherithandling Adiaeresis A
  \inherithandling adiaeresis a
  \inherithandling Ediaeresis E
  \inherithandling ediaeresis e
  \inherithandling Idiaeresis I
  \inherithandling idiaeresis i
  \inherithandling Odiaeresis O
  \inherithandling odiaeresis o
  \inherithandling Udiaeresis U
  \inherithandling udiaeresis u
  \inherithandling Ydiaeresis Y
  \inherithandling ydiaeresis y

  \inherithandling Aacute A
  \inherithandling aacute a
  \inherithandling Cacute C
  \inherithandling cacute c
  \inherithandling Eacute E
  \inherithandling eacute e
  \inherithandling Iacute I
  \inherithandling iacute i
  \inherithandling Lacute L
  \inherithandling lacute l
  \inherithandling Nacute N
  \inherithandling nacute n
  \inherithandling Oacute O
  \inherithandling oacute o
  \inherithandling Racute R
  \inherithandling racute r
  \inherithandling Sacute s
  \inherithandling sacute s
  \inherithandling Uacute U
  \inherithandling uacute u
  \inherithandling Yacute Y
  \inherithandling yacute y
  \inherithandling Zacute Z
  \inherithandling zacute z

  \inherithandling Dstroke D
  \inherithandling dstroke d
  \inherithandling Hstroke H
  \inherithandling hstroke h
  \inherithandling Tstroke T
  \inherithandling tstroke t

  \inherithandling Cdotaccent C
  \inherithandling cdotaccent c
  \inherithandling Edotaccent E
  \inherithandling edotaccent e
  \inherithandling Gdotaccent G
  \inherithandling gdotaccent g
  \inherithandling Idotaccent I
  \inherithandling idotaccent i
  \inherithandling Zdotaccent Z
  \inherithandling zdotaccent z

  \inherithandling Amacron A
  \inherithandling amacron a
  \inherithandling Emacron E
  \inherithandling emacron e
  \inherithandling Imacron I
  \inherithandling imacron i
  \inherithandling Omacron O
  \inherithandling omacron o
  \inherithandling Umacron U
  \inherithandling umacron u

  \inherithandling Ccedilla C
  \inherithandling ccedilla c
  \inherithandling Kcedilla K
  \inherithandling kcedilla k
  \inherithandling Lcedilla L
  \inherithandling lcedilla l
  \inherithandling Ncedilla N
  \inherithandling ncedilla n
  \inherithandling Rcedilla R
  \inherithandling rcedilla r
  \inherithandling Scedilla S
  \inherithandling scedilla s
  \inherithandling Tcedilla T
  \inherithandling tcedilla t

  \inherithandling Ohungarumlaut O
  \inherithandling ohungarumlaut o
  \inherithandling Uhungarumlaut U
  \inherithandling uhungarumlaut u

  \inherithandling Aogonek A
  \inherithandling aogonek a
  \inherithandling Eogonek E
  \inherithandling eogonek e
  \inherithandling Iogonek I
  \inherithandling iogonek i
  \inherithandling Uogonek U
  \inherithandling uogonek u

  \inherithandling Aring A
  \inherithandling aring a
  \inherithandling Uring U
  \inherithandling uring u

  \inherithandling Abreve A
  \inherithandling abreve a
  \inherithandling Ebreve E
  \inherithandling ebreve e
  \inherithandling Gbreve G
  \inherithandling gbreve g
  \inherithandling Ibreve I
  \inherithandling ibreve i
  \inherithandling Obreve O
  \inherithandling obreve o
  \inherithandling Ubreve U
  \inherithandling ubreve u

  \inherithandling Ccaron C
  \inherithandling ccaron c
  \inherithandling Dcaron D
  \inherithandling dcaron d
  \inherithandling Ecaron E
  \inherithandling ecaron e
  \inherithandling Lcaron L
  \inherithandling lcaron l
  \inherithandling Ncaron N
  \inherithandling ncaron n
  \inherithandling Rcaron R
  \inherithandling rcaron r
  \inherithandling Scaron S
  \inherithandling scaron s
  \inherithandling Tcaron T
  \inherithandling tcaron t
  \inherithandling Ycaron Y
  \inherithandling ycaron y
  \inherithandling Zcaron Z
  \inherithandling zcaron z

  \inherithandling AEligature E
  \inherithandling aeligature e
  \inherithandling Lstroke    I
  \inherithandling lstroke    o
  \inherithandling Ostroke    O
  \inherithandling ostroke    o
  \inherithandling OEligature O
  \inherithandling oeligature o

  \inherithandling Ssharp     S
  \inherithandling ssharp     s
  \inherithandling IJligature J
  \inherithandling ijligature j

  \inherithandling aumlaut a
  \inherithandling eumlaut e
  \inherithandling iumlaut i
  \inherithandling oumlaut o
  \inherithandling uumlaut u

  \inherithandling Aumlaut A
  \inherithandling Eumlaut E
  \inherithandling Iumlaut I
  \inherithandling Oumlaut O
  \inherithandling Uumlaut U

  \inherithandling Lslash L
  \inherithandling lslash l
  \inherithandling Dslash D
  \inherithandling dslash d
  \inherithandling Oslash O
  \inherithandling oslash o

  \inherithandling Eszett S
  \inherithandling eszett s

  \inherithandling Thorn P
  \inherithandling thorn p

  % vietnamese

  \inherithandling Ahook A
  \inherithandling ahook a
  \inherithandling Ehook E
  \inherithandling ehook e
  \inherithandling Ihook I
  \inherithandling ihook i
  \inherithandling Ohook O
  \inherithandling ohook o
  \inherithandling Uhook U
  \inherithandling uhook u
  \inherithandling Yhook Y
  \inherithandling yhook y

  \inherithandling Acircumflexgrave A
  \inherithandling Acircumflexacute A
  \inherithandling Acircumflextilde A
  \inherithandling Acircumflexhook  A
  \inherithandling acircumflexgrave a
  \inherithandling acircumflexacute a
  \inherithandling acircumflextilde a
  \inherithandling acircumflexhook  a
  \inherithandling Ecircumflexgrave E
  \inherithandling Ecircumflexacute E
  \inherithandling Ecircumflextilde E
  \inherithandling Ecircumflexhook  E
  \inherithandling ecircumflexgrave e
  \inherithandling ecircumflexacute e
  \inherithandling ecircumflextilde e
  \inherithandling ecircumflexhook  e
  \inherithandling Ocircumflexgrave O
  \inherithandling Ocircumflexacute O
  \inherithandling Ocircumflextilde O
  \inherithandling Ocircumflexhook  O
  \inherithandling ocircumflexgrave o
  \inherithandling ocircumflexacute o
  \inherithandling ocircumflextilde o
  \inherithandling ocircumflexhook  o

  \inherithandling Abrevegrave A
  \inherithandling Abreveacute A
  \inherithandling Abrevetilde A
  \inherithandling Abrevehook  A
  \inherithandling abrevegrave a
  \inherithandling abreveacute a
  \inherithandling abrevetilde a
  \inherithandling abrevehook  a

  \inherithandling Adotbelow A
  \inherithandling adotbelow a
  \inherithandling Edotbelow E
  \inherithandling edotbelow e
  \inherithandling Idotbelow I
  \inherithandling idotbelow i
  \inherithandling Odotbelow O
  \inherithandling odotbelow o
  \inherithandling Udotbelow U
  \inherithandling udotbelow u
  \inherithandling Ydotbelow Y
  \inherithandling ydotbelow y

  \inherithandling Ohorndotbelow O
  \inherithandling ohorndotbelow o
  \inherithandling Uhorndotbelow U
  \inherithandling uhorndotbelow u

  \inherithandling Acircumflexdotbelow A
  \inherithandling acircumflexdotbelow a
  \inherithandling Ecircumflexdotbelow E
  \inherithandling ecircumflexdotbelow e
  \inherithandling Ocircumflexdotbelow O
  \inherithandling ocircumflexdotbelow o

  \inherithandling Abrevedotbelow A
  \inherithandling abrevedotbelow a

  \inherithandling Ohorn      O
  \inherithandling Ohorngrave O
  \inherithandling Ohornacute O
  \inherithandling Ohorntilde O
  \inherithandling Ohornhook  O
  \inherithandling ohorn      o
  \inherithandling ohorngrave o
  \inherithandling ohornacute o
  \inherithandling ohorntilde o
  \inherithandling ohornhook  o
  \inherithandling Uhorn      U
  \inherithandling Uhorngrave U
  \inherithandling Uhornacute U
  \inherithandling Uhorntilde U
  \inherithandling Uhornhook  U
  \inherithandling uhorn      u
  \inherithandling uhorngrave u
  \inherithandling uhornacute u
  \inherithandling uhorntilde u
  \inherithandling uhornhook  u

  \inherithandling Ytilde Y
  \inherithandling ytilde y
  \inherithandling Etilde E
  \inherithandling etilde e


\startfonthandling [hz]

    \defineadjustfactor A .5
    \defineadjustfactor B .7
    \defineadjustfactor C .7
    \defineadjustfactor D .5
    \defineadjustfactor E .7
    \defineadjustfactor F .7
    \defineadjustfactor G .5
    \defineadjustfactor H .7
    \defineadjustfactor K .7
    \defineadjustfactor M .7
    \defineadjustfactor N .7
    \defineadjustfactor O .5
    \defineadjustfactor P .7
    \defineadjustfactor Q .5
    \defineadjustfactor R .7
    \defineadjustfactor S .7
    \defineadjustfactor U .7
    \defineadjustfactor W .7
    \defineadjustfactor Z .7

    \defineadjustfactor a .7
    \defineadjustfactor b .7
    \defineadjustfactor c .7
    \defineadjustfactor d .7
    \defineadjustfactor e .7
    \defineadjustfactor g .7
    \defineadjustfactor h .7
    \defineadjustfactor k .7
    \defineadjustfactor m .7
    \defineadjustfactor n .7
    \defineadjustfactor o .7
    \defineadjustfactor p .7
    \defineadjustfactor q .7
    \defineadjustfactor s .7
    \defineadjustfactor u .7
    \defineadjustfactor w .7
    \defineadjustfactor z .7

    \defineadjustfactor 2 .7
    \defineadjustfactor 3 .7
    \defineadjustfactor 6 .7
    \defineadjustfactor 8 .7
    \defineadjustfactor 9 .7

%     \defineadjustfactor hyphen ?
%     \defineadjustfactor endash ?
%     \defineadjustfactor emdash ?


% no ligs other than fi fl etc, no --- and ''


    \settagcode - {\notagcode}
    \settagcode ' {\notagcode}
    \settagcode ` {\notagcode}
    \settagcode ? {\notagcode}
    \settagcode ! {\notagcode}


% \startfonthandling[noligs]
%   \dostepwiserecurse{0}{255}{1}{\expanded{\settagcode \recurselevel\space\notagcode\space}}
% \stopfonthandling

% \definefonthandling [noligs] [noligs] [type=tag]
    % \setupfontsynonym[Serif][handling=noligs]
% \definefont[test][Serif at 12.34pt]
% {``fi--ffl---ffi'' \test ``fi--ffl---ffi''}


% beware: extended extends the preceding vector (both protruding and
% adjusting) but as long as the normal ascii characters are not set
% beforehand, they default to normal

% protruding variants -- slanted/italic is yet incomplete

\definefonthandling [pure]              [pure]                       [\c!type=\v!hanging]
\definefonthandling [purebold]          [pure]                       [\c!type=\v!hanging]
\definefonthandling [pureslanted]       [pure]                       [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [pureitalic]        [pure]                       [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [pureboldslanted]   [pure]                       [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [purebolditalic]    [pure]                       [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]

\definefonthandling [normal]            [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging]
\definefonthandling [normalbold]        [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging]
\definefonthandling [normalslanted]     [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [normalitalic]      [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [normalboldslanted] [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [normalbolditalic]  [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]

% for old times sake

\definefonthandling [bold]              [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging]
\definefonthandling [slanted]           [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [italic]            [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [boldslanted]       [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]
\definefonthandling [bolditalic]        [punctuation,alpha,extended] [\c!type=\v!hanging,\c!right=1.5]

% hz variants

\definefonthandling [hz]              [hz,extended]                [\c!type=\v!hz] % min=20 max=20 step=5

% combined variants

\definefonthandling [quality]         [hz,pure]
\definefonthandling [highquality]     [hz,normal]

% noligs (xml) : \definefonthandling [default] [noligs]

\definefonthandling [noligs]          [noligs]                     [\c!type=tag]

% experimental values !
% \definefontsynonym[myfont][Serif][handling=prespacing]
% \definefont[whatever][myfont sa 1]
% \setupalign[spacing]
% \whatever look at this: we now have a proper spacing feature and, hurray,
% get rid of active punctuation!

\startfonthandling [flexspacing]

  \definespacefactor  : 0 1.25 .25 .25

  \definespacefactor  , 0 1 .25 .25
  \inheritspacefactor ; ,

  \definespacefactor  . 0 1.5 .25 .25
  \inheritspacefactor ! .
  \inheritspacefactor ? .



\startfonthandling [prespacing] % better name needed

  \definespacefactor  : .25 .25 0 0
  \inheritspacefactor ; :
  \inheritspacefactor ! :
  \inheritspacefactor ? :


\definefonthandling[prespacing][prespacing][\c!type=\v!spacing] % factor=.5

% A special case of guillemots, beware: when used ungrouped,
% it overloads all successive (current) encoding vector
% instances! Will be obsolete soon.

\startfonthandling [glm]

  \overloadcharacter guilsingleleft  {\defaultcharacter\guilsingleleft }
  \overloadcharacter guilsingleright {\defaultcharacter\guilsingleright}
  \overloadcharacter leftguillemot   {\defaultcharacter\leftguillemot  }
  \overloadcharacter rightguillemot  {\defaultcharacter\rightguillemot }


\definefonthandling [glm] [glm]

\protect \endinput