enco-vna.mkii / last modification: 2020-01-30 14:15
%D \module
%D   [     file=enco-vna,
%D      version=1999.12.12,
%D        title=\CONTEXT\ Encoding Macros,
%D     subtitle=Vietnamese Accents,
%D       author=Han The Thanh & Adam Lindsay & Hans Hagen,
%D         date=\currentdate,
%D    copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

%D This module is originally derived from the some files Han The Thanh
%D prepared for \LATEX. The dual accent support is still preliminary,
%D but works ok. It's now adapted to named glyphs, and is activated by
%D \type {\useencoding[thisfile]}.

%D This was apparently buggy from the start: there is nothing to
%D disambiguate \type {\ohorn} from \type {\ohook}. Both are entered
%D with \type {\h{o}} (AL)!

%D Once stable, this code will move to \type {enco-acc.tex}.


\defineaccent h  A       {\Ahook}
\defineaccent d  A       {\Adotbelow}
\defineaccent ` ^A       {\Acircumflexgrave}
\defineaccent ' ^A       {\Acircumflexacute}
\defineaccent ~ ^A       {\Acircumflextilde}
\defineaccent h ^A       {\Acircumflexhook}
\defineaccent d ^A       {\Acircumflexdotbelow}
\defineaccent ` uA       {\Abrevegrave}
\defineaccent ' uA       {\Abreveacute}
\defineaccent ~ uA       {\Abrevetilde}
\defineaccent h uA       {\Abrevehook}
\defineaccent d uA       {\Abrevedotbelow}
\defineaccent h  E       {\Ehook}
\defineaccent d  E       {\Edotbelow}
\defineaccent ` ^E       {\Ecircumflexgrave}
\defineaccent ' ^E       {\Ecircumflexacute}
\defineaccent ~ ^E       {\Ecircumflextilde}
\defineaccent h ^E       {\Ecircumflexhook}
\defineaccent d ^E       {\Ecircumflexdotbelow}
\defineaccent h  I       {\Ihook}
\defineaccent d  I       {\Idotbelow}
\defineaccent h  O       {\Ohook}
\defineaccent d  O       {\Odotbelow}
\defineaccent ` ^O       {\Ocircumflexgrave}
\defineaccent ' ^O       {\Ocircumflexacute}
\defineaccent ~ ^O       {\Ocircumflextilde}
\defineaccent h ^O       {\Ocircumflexhook}
\defineaccent d ^O       {\Ocircumflexdotbelow}
%defineaccent h  O       {\Ohorn}                % !!! conflict with \Ohook!
\defineaccent ` hO       {\Ohorngrave}
\defineaccent ` {\Ohorn} {\Ohorngrave}
\defineaccent ' hO       {\Ohornacute}
\defineaccent ' {\Ohorn} {\Ohornacute}
\defineaccent ~ hO       {\Ohorntilde}
\defineaccent ~ {\Ohorn} {\Ohorntilde}
\defineaccent h hO       {\Ohornhook}
\defineaccent h {\Ohorn} {\Ohornhook}
\defineaccent d hO       {\Ohorndotbelow}
\defineaccent d {\Ohorn} {\Ohorndotbelow}
\defineaccent h  U       {\Uhook}
\defineaccent d  U       {\Udotbelow}
%defineaccent h  U       {\Uhorn}                % !!! conflict with \Uhook! honestly, people!
\defineaccent ` hU       {\Uhorngrave}
\defineaccent ` {\Uhorn} {\Uhorngrave}
\defineaccent ' hU       {\Uhornacute}
\defineaccent ' {\Uhorn} {\Uhornacute}
\defineaccent ~ hU       {\Uhorntilde}
\defineaccent ~ {\Uhorn} {\Uhorntilde}
\defineaccent h hU       {\Uhornhook}
\defineaccent h {\Uhorn} {\Uhornhook}
\defineaccent d hU       {\Uhorndotbelow}
\defineaccent d {\Uhorn} {\Uhorndotbelow}
\defineaccent `  Y       {\Ygrave}
\defineaccent '  Y       {\Yacute}
\defineaccent ~  Y       {\Ytilde}
\defineaccent h  Y       {\Yhook}
\defineaccent d  Y       {\Ydotbelow}
\defineaccent h  a       {\ahook}
\defineaccent d  a       {\adotbelow}
\defineaccent ` ^a       {\acircumflexgrave}
\defineaccent ' ^a       {\acircumflexacute}
\defineaccent ~ ^a       {\acircumflextilde}
\defineaccent h ^a       {\acircumflexhook}
\defineaccent d ^a       {\acircumflexdotbelow}
\defineaccent ` ua       {\abrevegrave}
\defineaccent ' ua       {\abreveacute}
\defineaccent ~ ua       {\abrevetilde}
\defineaccent h ua       {\abrevehook}
\defineaccent d ua       {\abrevedotbelow}
\defineaccent h  e       {\ehook}
\defineaccent d  e       {\edotbelow}
\defineaccent ` ^e       {\ecircumflexgrave}
\defineaccent ' ^e       {\ecircumflexacute}
\defineaccent ~ ^e       {\ecircumflextilde}
\defineaccent h ^e       {\ecircumflexhook}
\defineaccent d ^e       {\ecircumflexdotbelow}
\defineaccent h  i       {\ihook}
\defineaccent d  i       {\idotbelow}
\defineaccent h  o       {\ohook}
\defineaccent d  o       {\odotbelow}
\defineaccent ^  o       {\ocircumflex}
\defineaccent ` ^o       {\ocircumflexgrave}
\defineaccent ' ^o       {\ocircumflexacute}
\defineaccent ~ ^o       {\ocircumflextilde}
\defineaccent h ^o       {\ocircumflexhook}
\defineaccent d ^o       {\ocircumflexdotbelow}
%defineaccent h  o       {\ohorn}                % !!!
\defineaccent ` ho       {\ohorngrave}
\defineaccent ' ho       {\ohornacute}
\defineaccent ~ ho       {\ohorntilde}
\defineaccent h ho       {\ohornhook}
\defineaccent d ho       {\ohorndotbelow}
\defineaccent ` {\ohorn} {\ohorngrave}
\defineaccent ' {\ohorn} {\ohornacute}
\defineaccent ~ {\ohorn} {\ohorntilde}
\defineaccent h {\ohorn} {\ohornhook}
\defineaccent d {\ohorn} {\ohorndotbelow}
\defineaccent h  u       {\uhook}
\defineaccent d  u       {\udotbelow}
%defineaccent h  u       {\uhorn}                % !!!
\defineaccent ` hu       {\uhorngrave}
\defineaccent ' hu       {\uhornacute}
\defineaccent ~ hu       {\uhorntilde}
\defineaccent h hu       {\uhornhook}
\defineaccent d hu       {\uhorndotbelow}
\defineaccent ` {\uhorn} {\uhorngrave}
\defineaccent ' {\uhorn} {\uhornacute}
\defineaccent ~ {\uhorn} {\uhorntilde}
\defineaccent h {\uhorn} {\uhornhook}
\defineaccent d {\uhorn} {\uhorndotbelow}
\defineaccent `  y       {\ygrave}
\defineaccent '  y       {\yacute}
\defineaccent ~  y       {\ytilde}
\defineaccent h  y       {\yhook}
\defineaccent d  y       {\ydotbelow}