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%D \module
%D   [     file=enco-pdf,
%D      version=1995.01.01,
%D        title=\CONTEXT\ Encoding Macros,
%D     subtitle=\YandY\ texnansi Encoding,
%D       author=Hans Hagen,
%D         date=\currentdate,
%D    copyright={PRAGMA ADE \& \CONTEXT\ Development Team}]
%C This module is part of the \CONTEXT\ macro||package and is
%C therefore copyrighted by \PRAGMA. See mreadme.pdf for
%C details.

%D This is the \PDF\ document encoding.

\startencoding[pdfdoc] % \rawcharacter{number}

\definecharacter oeligature        ^^9c

\definecharacter leftguillemot     ^^ab
\definecharacter rightguillemot    ^^bb

\definecharacter Agrave            ^^c0
\definecharacter Aacute            ^^c1
\definecharacter Acircumflex       ^^c2
\definecharacter Atilde            ^^c3
\definecharacter Adiaeresis        ^^c4
\definecharacter OAligature        ^^c5
\definecharacter AEligature        ^^c6
\definecharacter Ccedilla          ^^c7
\definecharacter Egrave            ^^c8
\definecharacter Eacute            ^^c9
\definecharacter Ecircumflex       ^^ca
\definecharacter Ediaeresis        ^^cb
\definecharacter Igrave            ^^cc
\definecharacter Iacute            ^^cd
\definecharacter Icircumflex       ^^ce
\definecharacter Idiaeresis        ^^cf

\definecharacter Ntilde            ^^d1
\definecharacter Ograve            ^^d2
\definecharacter Oacute            ^^d3
\definecharacter Ocircumflex       ^^d4
\definecharacter Otilde            ^^d5
\definecharacter Odiaeresis        ^^d6

\definecharacter Ugrave            ^^d9
\definecharacter Uacute            ^^da
\definecharacter Ucircumflex       ^^db
\definecharacter Udiaeresis        ^^dc
\definecharacter Yacute            ^^dd

\definecharacter ssharp            ^^df
\definecharacter agrave            ^^e0
\definecharacter aacute            ^^e1
\definecharacter acircumflex       ^^e2
\definecharacter atilde            ^^e3
\definecharacter adiaeresis        ^^e4
\definecharacter oaligature        ^^e5
\definecharacter aeligature        ^^e6
\definecharacter ccedilla          ^^e7
\definecharacter egrave            ^^e8
\definecharacter eacute            ^^e9
\definecharacter ecircumflex       ^^ea
\definecharacter ediaeresis        ^^eb
\definecharacter igrave            ^^ec
\definecharacter iacute            ^^ed
\definecharacter icircumflex       ^^ee
\definecharacter idiaeresis        ^^ef

\definecharacter ntilde            ^^f1
\definecharacter ograve            ^^f2
\definecharacter oacute            ^^f3
\definecharacter ocircumflex       ^^f4
\definecharacter otilde            ^^f5
\definecharacter odiaeresis        ^^f6

\definecharacter ugrave            ^^f9
\definecharacter uacute            ^^fa
\definecharacter ucircumflex       ^^fb
\definecharacter udiaeresis        ^^fc
\definecharacter yacute            ^^fd

\definecharacter ydiaeresis        ^^ff

\definecharacter leftsubguillemot  {\leftguillemot}
\definecharacter rightsubguillemot {\rightguillemot}

\definecharacter Uhungarumlaut     {\Ucircumflex}
\definecharacter uhungarumlaut     {\ucircumflex}
\definecharacter Ohungarumlaut     {\Ocircumflex}
\definecharacter ohungarumlaut     {\ocircumflex}

\definecharacter Aogonek           {A}
\definecharacter aogonek           {a}
\definecharacter Eogonek           {E}
\definecharacter eogonek           {e}
\definecharacter Iogonek           {I}
\definecharacter iogonek           {i}
\definecharacter Uogonek           {U}
\definecharacter uogonek           {u}

\definecharacter Aring             {A}
\definecharacter aring             {a}
\definecharacter Uring             {U}
\definecharacter uring             {u}

\definecharacter Abreve            {A}
\definecharacter abreve            {a}
\definecharacter Ebreve            {E}
\definecharacter ebreve            {e}
\definecharacter Gbreve            {G}
\definecharacter gbreve            {g}
\definecharacter Ibreve            {I}
\definecharacter ibreve            {i}
\definecharacter Obreve            {O}
\definecharacter obreve            {o}
\definecharacter Ubreve            {U}
\definecharacter ubreve            {u}

\definecharacter Ccaron            {C}
\definecharacter ccaron            {c}
\definecharacter Dcaron            {D}
\definecharacter dcaron            {d}
\definecharacter Ecaron            {E}
\definecharacter ecaron            {e}
\definecharacter Lcaron            {L}
\definecharacter lcaron            {l}
\definecharacter Ncaron            {N}
\definecharacter ncaron            {n}
\definecharacter Rcaron            {R}
\definecharacter rcaron            {r}
\definecharacter Scaron            {S}
\definecharacter scaron            {s}
\definecharacter Tcaron            {T}
\definecharacter tcaron            {t}
\definecharacter Ycaron            {Y}
\definecharacter ycaron            {y}
\definecharacter Zcaron            {Z}
\definecharacter zcaron            {z}

\definecharacter Lstroke           {L}
\definecharacter lstroke           {l}
\definecharacter Ostroke           {O}
\definecharacter ostroke           {o}

\definecharacter aumlaut           {\adiaeresis}
\definecharacter eumlaut           {\ediaeresis}
\definecharacter iumlaut           {\idiaeresis}
\definecharacter oumlaut           {\odiaeresis}
\definecharacter uumlaut           {\udiaeresis}

\definecharacter Aumlaut           {\Adiaeresis}
\definecharacter Eumlaut           {\Ediaeresis}
\definecharacter Iumlaut           {\Idiaeresis}
\definecharacter Oumlaut           {\Odiaeresis}
\definecharacter Uumlaut           {\Udiaeresis}

\definecharacter scommaaccent      {s}
\definecharacter Scommaaccent      {S}
\definecharacter tcommaaccent      {t}
\definecharacter Tcommaaccent      {T}

\definecharacter Etilde            {E}
\definecharacter etilde            {e}

\definecharacter Ahook             {A}
\definecharacter ahook             {a}
\definecharacter Ehook             {E}
\definecharacter ehook             {e}
\definecharacter Ihook             {I}
\definecharacter ihook             {i}
\definecharacter Ohook             {O}
\definecharacter ohook             {o}
\definecharacter Uhook             {U}
\definecharacter uhook             {u}
\definecharacter Yhook             {Y}
\definecharacter yhook             {y}

\definecharacter Acircumflexgrave  {\Acircumflex}
\definecharacter Acircumflexacute  {\Acircumflex}
\definecharacter Acircumflextilde  {\Acircumflex}
\definecharacter Acircumflexhook   {\Acircumflex}
\definecharacter acircumflexgrave  {\acircumflex}
\definecharacter acircumflexacute  {\acircumflex}
\definecharacter acircumflextilde  {\acircumflex}
\definecharacter acircumflexhook   {\acircumflex}
\definecharacter Ecircumflexgrave  {\Ecircumflex}
\definecharacter Ecircumflexacute  {\Ecircumflex}
\definecharacter Ecircumflextilde  {\Ecircumflex}
\definecharacter Ecircumflexhook   {\Ecircumflex}
\definecharacter ecircumflexgrave  {\ecircumflex}
\definecharacter ecircumflexacute  {\ecircumflex}
\definecharacter ecircumflextilde  {\ecircumflex}
\definecharacter ecircumflexhook   {\ecircumflex}
\definecharacter Ocircumflexgrave  {\Ocircumflex}
\definecharacter Ocircumflexacute  {\Ocircumflex}
\definecharacter Ocircumflextilde  {\Ocircumflex}
\definecharacter Ocircumflexhook   {\Ocircumflex}
\definecharacter ocircumflexgrave  {\ocircumflex}
\definecharacter ocircumflexacute  {\ocircumflex}
\definecharacter ocircumflextilde  {\ocircumflex}
\definecharacter ocircumflexhook   {\ocircumflex}

\definecharacter Abrevegrave       {A}
\definecharacter Abreveacute       {A}
\definecharacter Abrevetilde       {A}
\definecharacter Abrevehook        {A}
\definecharacter abrevegrave       {a}
\definecharacter abreveacute       {a}
\definecharacter abrevetilde       {a}
\definecharacter abrevehook        {a}

\definecharacter Adotbelow         {A}
\definecharacter adotbelow         {a}
\definecharacter Edotbelow         {E}
\definecharacter edotbelow         {e}
\definecharacter Idotbelow         {I}
\definecharacter idotbelow         {i}
\definecharacter Odotbelow         {O}
\definecharacter odotbelow         {o}
\definecharacter Udotbelow         {U}
\definecharacter udotbelow         {u}
\definecharacter Ydotbelow         {Y}
\definecharacter ydotbelow         {y}
\definecharacter Ohorndotbelow     {O}
\definecharacter ohorndotbelow     {o}
\definecharacter Uhorndotbelow     {U}
\definecharacter uhorndotbelow     {u}

\definecharacter Acircumflexdotbelow {\Acircumflex}
\definecharacter acircumflexdotbelow {\acircumflex}
\definecharacter Ecircumflexdotbelow {\Ecircumflex}
\definecharacter ecircumflexdotbelow {\ecircumflex}
\definecharacter Ocircumflexdotbelow {\Ocircumflex}
\definecharacter ocircumflexdotbelow {\ocircumflex}
\definecharacter Abrevedotbelow      {\Abreve}
\definecharacter abrevedotbelow      {\abreve}

\definecharacter Ohorn               {O}
\definecharacter Ohorngrave          {O}
\definecharacter Ohornacute          {O}
\definecharacter Ohorntilde          {O}
\definecharacter Ohornhook           {O}

\definecharacter ohorn               {o}
\definecharacter ohorngrave          {o}
\definecharacter ohornacute          {o}
\definecharacter ohorntilde          {o}
\definecharacter ohornhook           {o}

\definecharacter Uhorn               {U}
\definecharacter Uhorngrave          {U}
\definecharacter Uhornacute          {U}
\definecharacter Uhorntilde          {U}
\definecharacter Uhornhook           {U}

\definecharacter uhorn               {u}
\definecharacter uhorngrave          {u}
\definecharacter uhornacute          {u}
\definecharacter uhorntilde          {u}
\definecharacter uhornhook           {u}

\definecharacter Utilde              {U}
\definecharacter utilde              {u}
\definecharacter Itilde              {I}
\definecharacter itilde              {i}
\definecharacter Ygrave	    	     {Y}
\definecharacter ygrave		         {y}
\definecharacter Ytilde              {Y}
\definecharacter ytilde              {y}

\definecharacter dstroke             {d}
\definecharacter Dstroke             {D}